Rehearsal Dinners and Family Gatherings near the Columbus, Ohio, area

Rehearsal Dinners and Family Gatherings near the Columbus, Ohio, area

If you’re planning a rehearsal dinner or family gathering in the Columbus, Ohio area, hosting it at La Navona makes it convenient and easy. Rehearsal dinners are prewedding celebrations for friends and family to spend time together in a relaxed setting before the big day. Whether you want a sit-down dinner or cocktail party, the food and atmosphere can reflect either a formal or casual celebration. It can even be a lunch or brunch!

There are many ways to celebrate family gatherings, such as reunions, birthday parties or anniversaries, and each family has its own way of doing things. Why add extra pressure on yourself by preparing all the food or hosting the event at your home? We can take care of the menu and the venue to help make your next celebration special (and less stressful) so you can create even more good memories.


Dinner Buffet

Dinner buffets are a popular dining option because each guest can create their own plate. We can arrange a lovely spread of delicious entrées and side dishes so even picky eaters can find something they like, and maybe try something new.

Another benefit of buffet dinners is they require people to get up and walk around, which encourages socializing. If you’re looking to host an affordable and casual dinner party, that is still elegant and satisfying, buffets are a perfect way to offer a lot of meal choices at one time.

La Navona offers an amazing array of menu choices, and from casual to gourmet. Check out our All-Inclusive Packages menu for descriptions of what’s included in each menu option and pricing.

Family-Style Meals

Some people consider a family-style meal to be a little more formal than a buffet dinner, but still casual and inviting. With a family-style dinner, servers bring large dishes to each table, and guests serve themselves, then pass the dishes around to each other.

Casual and comfortable, family-style dining encourages guests to interact with each other at their table and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, just like a family dinner. What better way for out-of-town guests to catch up and busy family members to reunite than over a hot savory meal? Your guests get to eat what they want in a fun environment. Did someone say, “Pass the peas?”

Check out our All-Inclusive packages menu for descriptions of what’s included in each menu option and pricing.

Individually Plated Dinners

With plated dinners, guests are served a pre-selected entrée individually. Considered to be a classy and elegant dining option, guests remain seated during the entire meal since there is no need to get up or wait in any lines. Plates are pre-portioned and everyone at the table gets their food at the same time. The selections on our plated dinners range from lamb chops and prime rib to bourbon-glazed pork chops or surf & turf.

Treat your guests to a delicious plated dinner for the individual attention one expects from a fine dining experience. Great for milestone wedding anniversaries or other extra special celebrations, plated meals eliminate wait times, ensure a consistent serve time, and allow conversations to flow without interruption. Unless, of course, you want to give a toast! (In fact, we encourage toasts… and we can even offer champagne or sparkling cider for a modest added fee.)

Check out our All-Inclusive packages menu for descriptions of what’s included in each menu option and pricing.

Beverages & Desserts

Depending on the type of party and your guest list, you can offer non-alcoholic beverages or have a full open bar. Non-alcoholic options include juice, coffee, hot and iced tea, and soda. We also have gourmet coffee and hot chocolate. Beverages can be setup at stations where guests can help themselves.

For rehearsal dinners and family gatherings that also offer cocktails, wine or beer, you can choose from one of our bar packages:

Cash Bar: With a cash bar, your guests pay for their own drinks (with cash or credit cards).

Host Bar: If your guests aren’t big drinkers, this option may work best. With a host bar, we keep a running tab and you simply pay for the alcohol served. We can also provide drink tickets for a flat per-ticket rate to help keep track of the consumption (and the budget).

Open Bar: Priced per guest, an open bar is the best option if you want unlimited service.

After eating a delicious meal what’s better than a sweet dessert? Maybe two sweet desserts! La Navona has decadent sweet treats to top off any meal.

Dessert options include:

  • Petit fours
  • Cookies & brownie bites
  • Mini cupcakes