Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your dream wedding should be fun… which is why La Navona is here to help. We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re researching the perfect wedding venue, and we’re more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. Connect with us today, and we would love to help in any way that we can.

How much is the deposit to book my date?

In order to book your wedding date, we require a deposit of $1,000.

When is my final guest count due?

Your final guest count is due two weeks prior to your reception.

What is the service fee?

Our service fee is 20%.

Are there taxes?

Yes, the current tax rate in Franklin County is 7.5%.

What does it cost to rent the venue?

Absolutely nothing! The facility rental is included in the cost of the reception.

What are the payment terms?

We require quarterly payments, and your first quarterly payment will be due one month after your initial deposit; you will then have subsequent payments due every three months, with the final payment due two weeks prior to your reception (when your final guest count is due).

How many people can La Navona accommodate?

La Navona can accommodate seating for up to 250 guests.

What is the minimum guest count?

Our current minimums are as follows: 125 adults on a Saturday, 100 adults on a Friday, or 85 adults on a Sunday. (Please note that minimums are subject to change, especially on holiday weekends.)

What is the fee to host my ceremony at La Navona?

Saturday ceremonies are $500, plus outdoor chair rental at $2 per chair. Friday or Sunday ceremonies are $400, plus outdoor chair rental at $2 per chair.

Is there a rain plan?

Yes! We have several comprehensive rain plans… ask your coordinator for details.

How much time do I have for my ceremony?

The ceremony fee (outlined above) allows for an additional 2.5 hours. This gives you ample time for preparation, photographs and the ceremony itself, as well as an on-site rehearsal prior to the actual ceremony (usually on the day before the ceremony, as our schedule permits). The ceremony fee also provides full access to our private bridal party suites.

How much time do I have for my reception?

You have up to 5 hours for your reception (with 4.5 hours for the open bar).

Can I add additional hours to my reception package?

Yes! It’s $250 for each additional hour in the venue. Please note: You will need to decide by your final meeting (two weeks prior to the wedding) whether you would like to extend your reception. Also, the $250/hour does not include any additional time for the DJ or for the open bar. Ask your coordinator for details if you’re interested in booking additional time for the DJ and/or the open bar.

I know beer and wine is included with the package… can I add liquor?

Yes! It’s an additional $6 dollars per guest to add house liquor to your package. We can also incorporate a signature cocktail (to be available during the first hour of the open bar) for an additional $4 per guest.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Sorry, but absolutely not. Our liquor license forbids it.

Can I bring my own food?

The only outside food we allow is your wedding cake. You also have the option to order your wedding cake through La Navona, for an additional $3.50 per guest. We have partnered with Sauer Cakes for this service.

Is my DJ really included with the package?

Yes! And our DJ will meet with you individually to put together a detailed and personalized plan for your reception and timeline. (We have more than 70,000 songs to choose from!)

What if I want to use my own DJ?

You can do that too! You’re welcome to use your own DJ if you’d prefer, and La Navona will deduct $250 from the final balance due.

Do you offer gluten-free meals?

Yes! We can offer an individual gluten-free meal at no additional charge for any guest with Celiac Disease. We take allergy issues like this very seriously, and our chefs prepare this special meal using separate utensils. We take every precaution, but please be aware that there is always a risk of cross-contamination, as our kitchen is not a 100% gluten-free environment.

Do you offer kids’ pricing?

Yes! We offer kids’ pricing. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Age 0-2: No charge
  • Age 3-11: $15.95 (individual chicken tenders)
  • Age 12-17: $29.95 (same menu as the adults)

Do you offer vendor meals?

Yes! We offer vendor meals. If you plan to provide a meal for your vendors (photographer, videographer, etc.), we can offer a boxed lunch for $15.95 per vendor. La Navona will also provide a meal for our DJ at no additional charge. Or, if you’d like to provide the same meal for your vendors that you’re serving for your guests, the price is $29.95 per vendor.

I’ll be so busy the day of the wedding… do I have to come in and decorate?

Our professional coordinators will handle all the details! Simply schedule an appointment to drop off your décor the week of the wedding, and we’ll take care of the rest. (You also have the option to order centerpieces from our partner vendor, Botanica, and they’ll give you 20% off your floral centerpieces for being a client of La Navona!)

I still have more questions…

We’re here to help! Please contact us at 614-532-5711 or